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The Benefits Of Group Fitness

Group Classes at Modern Pilates

With the weather getting colder, getting out to a group class can give you a burst of energy and be the exact pick me up you need to keep going. Exercise relieves stress and helps fight illness in the body to keep you healthy and strong through the colder months of the year.

Working out indoors with a fitness coach or Pilates instructor is one of the many joys and benefits of group fitness. There is always someone leading the pack providing a great atmosphere and challenging you, while making sure you are being safe and preventing injury.

Your instructor is there to do all the thinking for you, you don’t have to know what you are doing; that’s what we are for and it’s FUN! It’s great for everyone regardless of their fitness level.

The ability to sign up in advance to suit your schedule and stay accountable is much easier when doing group fitness. Even having a friend or family member coming with you makes it social at the same time. You can relax with a hot tea after the class in the studio while catching up with friends.

Let’s recap why group fitness/ Pilates is so amazing;

  • You work a little harder
  • Lower your risk of injury
  • Pick up the energy and enthusiasm of others around you
  • Stay accountable to yourself
  • Sense of camaraderie
  • Variety of workout

It’s a win, win! Whether it’s a therapeutic class such as the Ebb & Flow or a high energy class like the Power House it’s sure to make you glisten and glow all day.

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