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Some questions you may have, already answered

Modern Pilates

The answer is absolutely No! Pilates is for everybody and we are able to accommodate and modify the majority of movements for any limitations you have due to injury or as you begin your Pilates journey. Feel free to reach out to us through email or social media to discuss any individual questions you may have.

At Modern Pilates we have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Your core, technique, form and posture are the foundation of Modern Pilates.

The Modern Pilates philosophy is that each client is treated as an individual to get the most out of their time spent in the studio. Whether you have a fitness goal in mind or are looking to get those feel good endorphins going Modern Pilates is for you. We are firm believers that Pilates is beneficial for all ages and body types.

Classes at Modern Pilates are a little different then your standard class. As the fitness industry evolves and the needs of our clients change we feel that blending the integral components of Pilates with various fitness styles allows for the most fun and engaging experience. Whether it’s dynamic movement, stretching and conditioning or a circuit, each class and week will be different. Challenging the body and keeping things fresh is the best way to see change within ourselves.

Fitness is more than just going to a class, at Modern Pilates we want you to leave with an experience, whether it’s a quick chat or laugh before or after class, maybe grabbing a tea on your way out or treating yourself to some of our favourite products, it’s about a rounded health and wellness experience.

Pilates is a great additional to any of the activities that you regularly do. The most important part is that you are moving and enjoying it. We are firm believers that Pilates will make you better at everything else you do and any amount of Pilates is good for you. Adding Pilates into your lifestyle is nothing put a benefit.

We supply the mats and props, we just need you. All that is required in class is yourself and a water bottle. Some clients prefer to wear grip socks in class to keep their feet warm and feel more secure when moving. It is not necessary but nice to have a pair. Socks are available for purchase in studio and come in two style ballet and knee height.

We are completely aware that sometimes life gets in the way but as a business and in fairness to our clients we have a firm 2 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your class within the 2 hours prior to its start time you will be charged the amount of the class.

The safety of our clients and instructors is of the utmost priority to us. All Mats and props are cleaned and disinfected after class with a medical grade 1 minute contact cleaner. High touch surfaces are also cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is amply available for your use. All cleaning protocol is aligned with public health recommendations.