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Pilates for Therapy and IMT

Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT) is a unique combination of well studied movement systems...

What is IMT?
Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT) is a unique combination of well studied movement systems that blends together techniques with the biomechanics and movement principles of how the body functions. IMT offers experiential awakening that enables us to bridge your fitness, movement rehabilitation and stress management. This technique is an opportunity for instructors and clients to go deeply into and well beyond the Pilates exercise method.

IMT is like nothing else out there. You can re-pattern movement habits and choices, reduce the stress you carry in your body, and above all else reduce the amount of pain all over your body.

Pilates along with IMT is an excellent form of therapy for the body, aiding in recovery from injury, injury prevention, those that have limited movement due to underlying conditions or autoimmune diseases and and promotes positive mental health..

IMT is the approach that Lindsey and I use with every client in every class to guide you through an exercise with ease and effectiveness allowing your body to rest, recover and repeat. Pilates is your go to exercise to tune up your body.

Pilates is gentle enough on the body that you won’t injure yourself and you will gain so much knowledge about your movement to prevent any injuries in the future. The exercises are slow and controlled for a deep connection; no fast movements, jumping or jerking of your body.

Taking a Pilates class is like eating an energy bar, you will feel better than when you started the class, you will feel more energy all over. Our goal is to have you leaving every class feeling your absolute best.