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What fuels your body is just as important as movement. Transforming your body with whole nutrient rich foods for optimal energy, mental clarity and fulfillment.
Nutrition Consultation
In this 1-hour consultation I will provide you the guidance around your nutrition with the design of feeling your best, fueling your body, increasing your energy and reducing stress around your nutrition. Giving you the tools on how to listen to your body, have a positive relationship with food, so that your choices around nutrition are always good ones, balanced and with your physical and mental health at the forefront.
5-Day Meal Plan

This meal plan is unique to each client and created individually to suit your personal wellbeing. Lots of variety and different options while learning to intuitively eat and enjoy whole foods that will support your body for its best performance, movement and sleep, so that you can feel outstanding.

I will provide you the road map of meal planning, prepping and shopping without over spending to keep you full and hydrated all day; ultimately giving you the confidence to make the best choices about your wellness each and every day.